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Want To Know The Best Time To Sell Your Home?

Find Out When It's Time To Sell Your Home

Are you thinking about selling your house? If so, you might wonder when it is best to put it on the market. The longer your home is on the market, the less money you will make. Lance Kammes can tell you when you’re likely to have the best chance of selling your house quickly and for the most money. Contact (630) 868-6300 or fill out this form and let us help you get the most for your house.


Our team closed many deals and has been named Top Real Estate Agents in the United States. We care about our clients and know much about the real estate market. Visit our FAQs and reviews page to see how good we are at providing service.

When Is The Best Time In A Year To Sell Your Home?

It goes without saying that it is the best time to sell a house when the market is hot. But what does that mean in real life?

It means that more and more people are looking for “houses for sale near me,” which makes people fight over the homes you’re selling. Buyers are willing to pay top dollar because they know it won’t be on the market for long.

Even though you might not be able to choose when your house is for sale, there are things you can do to make it more likely to sell quickly. Here is what you need to know about when to sell:

1. Spring

Spring is the most popular time to buy and sell homes in the United States. At this time of year, people get the urge to move, which makes sellers more eager to sell their homes. They want to try something different. So, what can you expect if you sell your home in the next few months?


The following trends and statistics show that spring is a great time to put your house on the market:

The Weather Is More Favorable 

Buyers have a better time looking at homes when the weather is warmer. This makes it easier for contractors to do any repairs or renovations that need to be done. Also, houses can look better from the street if they have flowers in bloom and green grass.

More Buyers Are Active

Families with kids often move during the summer, so they have more time to settle. This means that in the spring, more people are looking for homes. Because of this, you can sell your house faster and for more money.

Also, people are happier and more excited about their lives during this time of year. They are ready to make significant changes in their lives and homes because they have spring fever.

House On Sale
House On Sale

Homes Tend To Show Better

Homes tend to sell faster in the spring because the weather is better. More buyers are likely to look at houses. This cuts down on time spent on showings that don’t lead to an offer.

Interest Rates Are Lower

Interest rates tend to be lower in the spring because more people are looking to buy. They use low-interest rates to their advantage before they go up later in the year.

2. Summer

Summer is often thought to be the best time to put your house on sale. Families with kids can move during the summer when the kids are out of school. More people are likely to be looking to buy during this time.


But, there are some bad things about selling during the summer. One possibility is that more sellers will try to sell the same thing. Also, serious buyers might be on vacation and need help looking at houses or going to open houses. 


You should research and talk to a real estate agent before you decide. This will help you determine whether you should list your house or not.

3. Winter

In the winter, there are more buyers. They want to move before the school year or the holiday season starts. Yours will stand out more because few houses are on the market this time of year.


There are a few things to keep in mind if you sell your home during the winter.


  • Make sure your home is well-insulated and energy-efficient. Buyers will be looking for ways to save on their heating bills.
  • Take advantage of seasonal decor to make your home feel warm and inviting. 
  • Be prepared for showings to take place in less-than-ideal weather conditions.
Sell -Your Home In Fall Season
Sell Your Home In Fall Season

4. Fall

Especially in the fall and winter, the real estate market is always changing. Many things can affect the market and how much your home is worth. But if you know what to look for, you’ll be able to decide when to sell it smartly.

 Here are a few reasons why doing it in the fall could be a great idea: 

  • Fewer buyers mean less competition. 
  • Motivated buyers are looking for a deal. 
  • Fall buyers are often move-in ready. 
  • The holidays provide a built-in marketing opportunity. 

When selling a house, you should know the best time to sell a home. It would help if you thought about when to put them on the market. It is essential to know this if you want to put your house for sale for a reasonable price. The experts say there are good and bad times to list a home. That’s why you need to understand why it matters.

Why Is Timing Important When Selling A House?

Selling a home is a big decision you shouldn’t make on time. It can be tempting to put the house on the market right away. But there are a few times of the year when it would be better to wait.

The truth is that some times of the year are better for selling a house than others. You can get the most money for your home if you wait until these times. Also, try not to lower the price later to attract buyers who want a good deal. Still, they would instead buy now than wait until next year.

Generally, the best time to sell your house is when you can get the highest price. Our team at Lance Kammes will help you get the most money if you plan to sell your home. Contact us at (630) 868-6300 and make an appointment now if you’re thinking about buying a home for the first time or selling a home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Repairing cosmetic damage While peeling paint, a weathered back door, and scuffed floors may appear worn, if you’re looking to save money on repairs and renovations, you’ll want the money to be put to good use.

According to studies, empty homes in high-cost real estate markets like San Jose sell for less than 1% less than staged homes. It’s better to leave your home empty because you’re unlikely to recoup your staging costs.

Three Things That Make a House Sell

  1. De-clutter. You’re going to pack anyway, so why not get started?
  2. Depersonalize. You want buyers to look at your house, not at your family photos and mementos, trying to figure out if they know you in some way.
  3. Repair. If you notice something is broken.

Price is a major factor in a quick sale. Your property must be priced correctly, which can be difficult to determine. You may have an ideal price in mind, but make sure it’s in line with the price of comparable properties in the area so you don’t turn off potential buyers.

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9 Reasons To Buy A Home In The Fall

Why Should You Buy A Home In The Fall?

There are so many excellent reasons to buy a new home in the fall. You can save your energy bills and your money, and Lance Kammes can help you get the best mortgage products for a home on sale. Contact us at (630) 868-6300 if you’re ready to buy a new home this fall! You can also visit our page to see all listings, and if you have inquiries and questions, you may check our FAQ section

9 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Home In The Fall

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider buying a house in the fall.

1. You'll Get A Better Deal On Your Home

Home prices rise and fall throughout the year, with summer being the most competitive time to buy a home. If you’re looking to save money, then fall is the best time to buy.

2. There's Less Competition For Listings

In the summer, when people sell their homes, there is usually more than one buyer for each one. But as we move into fall, there’s less competition for homes listed for sale. Waiting until after Labor Day weekend to make an offer on the house could get you a better deal.

House For Sale Listings
House For Sale Listings

3. Showings And Open Houses Won't Conflict With The Schedule

Most people who work full-time don’t want to schedule showings on their days off. They would rather relax with their families during those times. If you don’t work full-time (or even part-time), you might want to do viewing a house anytime.

4. The Weather Is Perfect For Moving

If you’re thinking about buying a home in the fall, then you’re in luck! The weather during this time of year is usually milder, making it the perfect time to move. You will not have to worry about the heat or humidity, making your move more challenging. And you will be able to get settled into your new home before the cold winter months set in.

5. You Can Take Advantage Of Seasonal Produce

One of the best things about fall is all the available seasonal produce. You will not have to worry about the heat or humidity, making your move more challenging. And you will be able to get settled into your new home before the cold winter months set in. From apples and pumpkins to squash and kale, there are so many delicious options to choose from. And, since produce is cheaper when it’s in season, you’ll be able to save money on your grocery bill too.

6. You Can Take Advantage Of Lower Interest Rates

The interest rates are currently low, so this is a good time to buy a home. It is not known how long the interest rates will stay low. If you wait, the rates might go up, and it will be harder to afford a home.

7. You Can Get A Head Start On Next Year's Taxes

If you’re planning on itemizing your deductions next year, then buying a home in the fall can give you a head start. This is because you can deduct the interest you pay on your mortgage and any property taxes you may owe.

Buy A Home In The Fall
Buy A Home In The Fall

8. You Can Take Advantage Of Pre-Winter Weather

If you’re looking to buy a home that needs some work, then fall is the best time to do it. This is because the weather will be better for working outside and getting things done before winter hits.

9. You Can Avoid The Spring Rush

Many people wait until the spring to start their home search. This means that you will be competing with many other people who are also looking for a home at that time. If you start your search in the fall, you’ll have a better chance of finding your dream home before others do.

There are so many great reasons to buy a home in the fall. There are many benefits to making a purchase during this time of year. The weather is great, the produce is fresh, and there are discounts on travel. So, if you’ve been thinking about buying a house, now is definitely the time to do it.

Why Choose Us?

We believe that buying or selling real estate should be fun, profitable, and not stressful. Our goal is to make deals with people who are buying and selling real estate. We will make sure they have a good time. We’ll use our friendly ways to help them. We want our clients to be excited to tell their friends and family about their experience working with us. We want them to be our “Customers For Life.”


As you can see, the reasons for buying a home in the fall are plentiful. There is no doubt that this is the best time to buy a home. If you are looking to buy a home, it’s perfectly ok to go ahead and make an offer. If you buy a house in the fall, you might save money in the long run, and Lance Kammes will help you do that. Do your research first to get the best home for your money. Contact us at (630) 868-6300 or visit our page for more!

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Frequently Asked Questions

A fall purchase can be ideal for cash-strapped home buyers outside of winter. When summer comes to an end, sellers become more motivated. They usually lower their prices and offer a chance to get a good deal. There is less inventory in the fall than there is in the winter.

January is typically the month with the lowest home prices. When compared to the rest of the year, median sales prices are lower between October and February. 

According to one study, buyers who close on a home in October pay a lower premium than the home’s market value. Not only does the weather cool down in the fall, but seasonality in the housing market means that October is the best month of the year to buy a home. 

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