A Few Pricing Guidelines

These do not affect the value:

  • What you paid for your property
  • The cash you need from the sale of your home
  • The price you want for your home
  • What another realtor says your home is worth

Remember, buyers always determine the value

The value of your home is determined by what a buyer is willing to pay in todays market based on comparing your home to other homes currently on the market.

The Downfall Of Overpricing Your Home

  • Reduce showings: Agents will not show your property if they determine the home is overpriced.
  • Reduce advertising responses: Internet savvy buyers are looking for specific homes in a price range that offers certain amenities
  • Lose: interested buyers: Buyers will feel they should be getting more for the money
  • Help the competition: A high-priced home makes other houses on the market look like a great deal
  • Create appraisal issues: Appraisals are based on what similar homes have sold for
  • Extend market time: Overpricing will cause missed showing opportunities, leaving the home on the market longer.

Why you shouldnt list with the realtor who quotes you the "highest price".

Do not list with the Realtor who quotes you the highest price.

Consumer Reports stated:   “Expect the agent to suggest a price range, but do not let that frame you in. Be aware that some agents will at first, suggest a very handsome price. Then, after they have the listing and the house has not SOLD, they will come back with a pitch to lower the price.”

If you bought Apple stock five years ago and wanted to sell it today, would you call your stockbroker and TELL HIM that you insisted on selling at 200% profit, or would you ASK HIM to tell you what the market price is?

This is the same principle The Kammes Team believes in.

The Kammes Team prepares a thorough, researched market analysis on EVERY listing. As a result, The Kammes Team listings sell on average at 96% of list price.  This is only part of the service you pay for when hiring Lance Kammes to sell your home.