Selling Your Home? (Use Wheaton’s Top Realtor)

Selling Your Home? (Use Wheaton’s Top Realtor)

Wheaton Realtor: Looking to Sell Your Home?

Did you know that Lance Kammes has a five-star rating on Zillow and Google? Hundreds of people have reviewed Lance Kammes, and they agree that his real estate firm is one of the top performers as a Wheaton, IL realtor. Lance and his team of realtors didn’t make it to the top by accident. These professionals have certain qualities that make their clients happy over and over again. From their understanding of the market to providing the best service, it’s no wonder why people consider the team to be at the top of the list of realtors in Wheaton, IL.

Local Market Knowledge in Wheaton IL

Lance Kammes began his Wheaton IL real estate career in 1985, and his local market knowledge is unparalleled in this industry. Because he understands the market so well, he knows how to attract buyers. He can talk about Wheaton’s excellent school system and the fun and vibrant downtown area.

The Lance Kammes team can also tell buyers about the numerous festivals and activities and help them understand what life will be like when they move to Wheaton. Most importantly, because he understands the market, he knows how to move homes, even when the market is sluggish. Experience is critical when it comes to Wheaton, Illinois, real estate, and Lance Kammes has the expertise you need.

A Wheaton, IL Realtor That Sells Homes Quickly

Some homes for sale in Wheaton, IL, seem to languish on the market for months. Fortunately, Wheaton’s number one realtor knows how to move homes quickly. Clients often talk about how fast and easy the process is, thanks to the Lance Kammes Team. The team implements the best strategies to ensure that homes move quickly.

Preparing the House

When you hire one of the realtors in Wheaton, IL, from the Lance Kammes Team, you will get an honest evaluation of your home. The team understands the market and buyers so well that they can quickly determine what changes, if any, need to be made. The team will help you prepare and stage your home so it will sell quickly.

Pricing the Home

The Lance Kammes Team also excels at pricing the home. The team knows how to price it accurately, so it sells quickly while still netting a nice profit for the homeowner. You don’t have to worry about the team overpricing your home to the point that it sits on the market, just as you don’t need to worry about it being underpriced and losing money. The team finds the sweet spot where you make a nice profit, and it goes quickly. That’s another reason why people who want the best Wheaton, IL realtor, choose Lance Kammes.

Marketing Directly to Interested Buyers

The Lance Kammes Team uses first-rate real estate marketing to sell homes quickly. Utilizing listing sites, social media, networking, and other tools, it’s not unusual for the team to find a handful of interested buyers immediately. Then, when those buyers visit the home, the team markets directly to them in person. By knowing the buyers and their needs, the team manages to close deals quickly.

Works Around Your Schedule

Some realtors in Wheaton, IL, think that it’s a 9 to 5 job, but Lance Kammes understands that the customer’s needs come first. He and his team are available at all times of the day and night to help people navigate the selling process. Even if you need help late in the night, the team is here for you.

A Network of Contacts

Sometimes, it takes a village to sell a home. You might find yourself facing some obstacles, such as much-needed repairs that you need to overcome to maximize your listing price. Lance Kammes and his team of realtors in Wheaton, IL, has amassed a network of contacts throughout the years. Your realtor can connect you with anyone necessary to help you move along and make a sale. Because the connections have already been vetted, you can move forward with confidence.

A Caring and Personable Approach

Some realtors in Wheaton, IL, are all about business. They only see their clients as dollar signs, and they spend as little time as possible with them. Lance Kammes takes a different approach. Patient and personable, he and his team are available to answer your questions and go over your concerns. This takes the stress out of selling Wheaton, Illinois real estate. It’s like you have a friend in your corner instead of someone just trying to make money.

Language Barriers Aren’t a Problem

When you choose the Lance Kammes Team, you don’t have to worry about language barriers, preventing you from closing the deal on your house. With bilingual realtors on the team, communication is not an issue when it is time to close. Many clients have benefited from this over the years. It’s nice to know that you don’t have to turn anyone away due to a translation issue. You can move forward with everyone on the same page.

Open and Honest at All Times

Lance Kammes has built a reputation for his honesty and integrity, a trait he shares with the rest of his team. When you hire a real estate agent in Wheaton, IL, you need someone who will tell you the truth about your property. As a top agent, Lance communicates openly and honestly, even if that means explaining potential downsides to your home or possible offers and deals. This type of open communication is invaluable when you’re trying to sell your home. With Lance’s help, you can overcome obstacles and reach the closing date. 

A Team You Can Trust

Selling your home is exciting, but it can also be nerve-racking. There are so many things to think about, from staging the house to pricing to handling closing. The Lance Kammes Team handles it all for you so you can sit back and think about how you’ll spend your money. The team can also help you find a new home if you’re ready. These realtors in Wheaton, IL, go the extra mile to ensure that the process is smooth and easy.

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We believe that the purchase or sale of real estate should be a positive, profitable and a stress-free experience for you. We apply our experience, knowledge and negotiating skills to maximize our clients’ and customers’ profit and satisfaction.

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