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Lance Kammes: Your Guide To Home Financing Freedom

Home Financing Freedom With A Professional’s Guide

Start a new journey today with Lance Kammes. Lance Kammes is a professional realtor. Our team is here to help you in buying your new home. Let your dream home become yours with our team’s help. We are the number one realtor in Wheaton, Illinois. Rest assured, and you are working with a team of experts as the keys to financial freedom. Call us at (630) 868-6300. You can also reach out to us through email. If you want to know more about our team, visit our webpage. Our FAQs page is also available if you have any questions about the company.  Read testimonials from our past clients for a service you won’t forget.

Smart Moves Towards Home Financing Freedom

Investing in big things is like giving it all. We want to make our money’s worth all the time. We want to avoid making the wrong decisions when investing. Hiring a professional can be the answer to that. Achieving financial freedom can get complicated. We want to be smart as we invest in new things.

• Knowing Your Budget

As you are about to make an investment, you need to know what you can afford. Buying a home is worth a huge amount of money. Be sure your finances are ready when buying a new home. This will help you see what you can afford now. If you buy later, you can also use it to prepare your finances.

• Finding Your Own Team

Building a team that can help you is always the way to go. You will need people who can help you as you go through the process. Buying a home includes fixing the documents. You can always hire a real estate agent to help you. 


Lance Kammes is a team of professionals in the real estate world. We commit to serving our clients best. Building a team you can rely on will be helpful. You will need people you can trust as you go through the process of home buying. Who couldn’t be more of a perfect fit? It is no other than Lance Kammes.

• Get Pre-Approval

Hiring a real estate broker will help you with your mortgages and loans. Your team can help you figure out the amount of money you can borrow. They can tell you on what mortgage loans would work best for your situation too. Call Lance Kammes today if you want to know more about this.

home listing in Wheaton, IL
Home Listing In Wheaton, IL

• The Down Payment Options

The wide sources available in our company ensure you can get a downpayment you can afford. Our team will verify if you qualify for this service. It is always a delight to work with new clients. We love witnessing people getting their dream homes. Explore your options today with the help of our team.

This down payment assistance can be your resource tool. Our team will guide you as you do your preliminary research for houses. Every step of the way, you can be sure we are there. 

• Choosing Your Loan

With a real estate agent by your side, they will let you know the loan that works best for you. There are fixed and adjustable rates when it comes to loans. There are 15 or 30-year variables. Most first-time buyers are clueless about this. They end up spending more than they only should. This is because they did it without a professional guiding them. Lance Kammes can help you every step of the way. We will be there and let you pick the best loan for your resources. 

• Find Your Dream Home

Hiring a realtor will help you filter through homes for sale. They know which house to offer that fits best for you. You can always discuss with your realtor your wants and needs. As a team of professionals, Lance Kammes always listen. We all know how investing in a new home is important to us. Having a professional team can give you ideas on the price range of every home you are eying for. 


Remember that in you need to consider other things in finding a home o. You need to consider the location and the features available. Lance Kammes can help you keep in track of everything you need. Let our team guide you as you make your dream home come to life.

• Creating An Offer

A broker can help you determine a competitive price offer. With real estate agents by your side, they can communicate with the seller on your behalf. Many homeowners are not good at negotiating. Our years in the industry prepared us for this scenario. We always want our clients to get the best deal. You do not have to sacrifice quality for an affordable home. Negotiating works if you have the right people to help you. 

Hiring Lance Kammes is a great help. If you are bad at negotiating, our team can do it for you. Your mortgage pre-approval letter will serve as their guideline. Your realtors will know what houses you can afford. Hiring a professional is as crucial as finding a new home. Do not look further. Lance Kammes is here to save the day. 

• Close On Your Home

The most exciting part of all. As we have said, buying a home involves a great deal of  paperwork. Do not worry. Everything will be worth it when you hire the right broker. Once the seller or your agent hands over the key, it is a great feeling. You now have the dream you have always wanted!

You will always need a team to rely on. The process can get tiring, more than you think of. If you are investing money in a new home, you might as well invest in a team. A team who can guide you every step of the way.  Closing on your home is the greatest feeling. With Lance Kammes, you can be confident in closing great deals. You do not have to break the bank to achieve your dream home.

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Guide To Financial Freedom

Hire A Real Estate Agent For Your Home Financing Freedom

1. Make Unemotional Negotiation

Fighting with sellers is the last thing we want to happen. We want a peaceful negotiation when buying our new homes. Fighting with sellers will only make the process more stressful. Hiring an agent to help you can prevent this from happening. They can write your requests objectively. Your agents will forward this to the seller you are dealing with. 

This saves you from the trouble of having an emotional negotiation. If the seller doesn’t agree, your agent can also handle it for you. You can make calm negotiations without any hassle. For any difficult negotiations, your agent can take the heat for you.

2. Avoid Closing Problems

When a sale is about to be successful, all kinds of trouble can happen. Any pitfalls can kill the deal in the final hours. You should expect the worst-case scenario. A real estate broker will know what to do. They can watch for the trouble before it becomes too late for you. 

A common problem that you might encounter is an unclear title of the house. There might be long-lost relatives who will claim the property. Sometimes, the lender can be the problem as well. They may not meet the timeline of home financing. Your real estate agent can deal with all of these. Unexpected things can always happen at the last minute. What is a better way to prepare than having a professional by your side? 

3. The Experts In Pricing

Most real estate brokers know the price range of a home as soon as they walk into it. Their experience in the market helped them to know the neighborhood well. They know how the location you want holds value as well. Anyone can get quick information online nowadays. You can compare the prices you see online. But a real estate agent knows the specifics. They know if a home is overpriced or underpriced. Brokers will have a good idea of the house you are looking for. You do not have to waste too much of your time. Visiting different houses can get tiring. With a professional agent, they will give you the best options that are ideal to your liking. 

Make a smart choice today as you learn on way to financial freedom. Finances can get complicated if we cannot handle them well. Good thing there are real estate brokers to help you. Lance Kammes is a team of professionals who will guide you. Find your dream home without being stressed. Get to know more about our company and our team. Call us at (630) 868-6300 or send us an email to assist you better. Let your dream home come to life. Make successful negotiations with our team’s help. Hire Lance Kammes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The activity of providing funds to people in order for them to purchase the property: Subprime mortgages accounted for a sizable portion of the state’s home financing. 

When a retailer extends a loan to a customer to purchase its goods or services, this is referred to as in-house financing. In-house financing eliminates the need for banks or other third-party lending institutions.

Financing can help you in an emergency, pay for large purchases, build your credit, and free up money to invest. Cash is still the master when it comes to buying non-essentials, keeping track of your monthly budget, and staying out of debt. 

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